Lesson Plan

Adding and subtracting multidigit numbers

Add/Subtract large numbers

Students should be able to add and subtract numbers containing two or more digits. Ex:   347+752=

Grades 3
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1 Hook

Play video about addition and subtraction, leads in to using larger numbers.

2 Direct Instruction

Interactive white board can be used to instruct and show examples

3 Guided Practice

This app has games that can be used collaboratively to practice what we learned in class, also has interactive lesson library as well as allows you to create your own.

4 Independent Practice

Allows for practice both individually and collaboratively, although for this we would use independently.

5 Wrap Up

This allows you to do an entire presentation and record voice and pen.  This would be used to show two to three more examples of the work we just learned while teacher collects any papers and answers any other questions.