Lesson Plan

Adding and Subtracting

How to add and subtract whole numbers.

Students will be able to add and subtract simple math problems. 

Grades K – 3
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1 Hook

Students will learn the basic rules and steps to doing simple addition and subtraction problems. 

2 Direct Instruction

IXL - Math and English
Free to try, Paid

This learning tool enables students to pick and choose their grade level and different math skills they would like to work on. While it not only provides them with instruction it allows them to also do math problems and gives them direct feedback with a step-by-step process on how to do it correctly. 

3 Guided Practice

Cash Cow is a fun learning tool students can use to learn how to not only do addition, but also learn how to count money. Montessori Math allows students to learn how to group and regroup, to add and subtract larger numbers. 

4 Independent Practice

Free, Free to try

Once students have understood how to add and subtract they can play Quento on their own time to get more practice. Quento asks only addition and subtraction questions, and while it does not provide feedback, it does not allow the student to move forward to the next question/puzzle until they have answered their current question correctly. 

5 Wrap-Up

Once students are comfortable with addition and subtraction, they can playl Mystery Math Town which takes them on an adventure with every question they answer correctly. Mystery Math Town, however, will try to reverse some of the questions so students can really understand and see how the concepts of mathematics work.