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Adaptable 5th Grade Test Review

A lesson to support preparation for Colorado's new online science assessment, or any comprehensive assessment.
April W.
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Independence Elementary School (Aurora, CO)
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My Grades 5
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1.  Students will be able to...recall and apply knowledge of previous science learning through interactive technology.

2.  Students will be able to...identify areas they are lacking in knowledge and fill those gaps, identify new knowledge as well.

Grades 4 – 5
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1 Hook

Activity: Other — assessing personal knowledge
  1. On your smartboard, bring up a bar graph with categories of science subjects to be covered on the CMAS test.  For my students this includes body systems, the life cycle, photosynthesis, energy, transfer of heat, solutions, and many other categories.  Pair down to 5/6 choices. 
  2. Students add thier symbol to the topic of least confidence.
  3. This results in a graph of the areas that we needed to cover most as a class.  To honor all students, a review of almost all concepts is in the Independent Practice section. 

2 Direct Instruction

Select short science video clips based on areas of need. It might be a good idea to pre-select several videos and then choose from those based on data.  These videos should help bolster content in areas of concern. 

  • For example, my students need more instruction on the muscular system, so I show a clip form schooltube on this. Choose a couple, but no more than 15 minutes worth.


3 Guided Practice

Activity: Conversing
  1. http://wildwikilinks.pbworks.com/w/page/71387011/Science%20Page
  2. Link to this game.  
  3. Have students gather around the smartboard and play together as a class, facilitating the game and deciding tie-breakers.  Let students discuss and defend their opinion of the correct answer to the question.  
  4. Allow discussion before question selection and disccussion after as to why it was right.  Teacher may need to clarify the answer.

4 Independent Practice

  1. Students will log in to my playlist and practice 'games and widgets' with multiple content.  They can work on the areas they are weakest in, or you can assign particular widgets based on need.
  2. You will need to create the class and playlist prior to the lesson.  Once created, I provide the link through Schoology and have students sign onto my account.  This is about a 20 min process, maybe less.  Once your class and playlist has been created, feel free to use this tool for others subjects.


5 Wrap-Up

Google Drive
Free, Paid
  1. On student computers, from their Schoology account, students link to the premade class template of a thinking map.  The best choice for this is probably a tree map, located in the Drawing section.  
  2. Pre-make the template with the same areas as the graph at the beginning of the lesson.  Make sure the drawing is shared with those with a link.  Once this link is provided to students they can link quickly and add their new knolwedge.
  3. The product is a refection of the new knowledge of the classroom, hopefully looking somewhat like the graph.