Lesson Plan

Activity Day

Students will be learning about the Birth of Judaism

Students will be able to... create a map showing the probable route Moses took from Egypt to Canaan

Students will be able to label different modern day countries in this map

Students will be able to compose an account of the event from the lesson

Students will be able to analyze the 10 Commandments and evaluate how these commandments connected to peoples lives at the time

Social Studies
Grades 6
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1 Activity day

Free to try, Paid

Teacher must reserve computer lab for this activity day. Also the teacher must bring textbooks so students have a reference for their assignment. 

Student Instructions

Students will pick 1 of the following activities and try to complete it in class.

Create a map, showing the probable route of Moses from Egypt to Canaan that is shown on pg. 73 of the book. On this map, outline and label the names the modern countries that the routes might have crossed. Below the map, please explain why he might have taken this route to Canaan. (1 paragraph)

Compose an account from an event that we learned about from lesson 4. Be sure to describe who you are (male/female, slave/free, child/adult, name, occupation/job), where you are from and what you did. (2 -3 paragraphs)

Read over the 10 Commandments and briefly describe why you think these were important and what they tell you about the people at the time. In addition, describe how these may influence society today. (2-3 paragraphs)

Students will complete their written projects on the computer, maps will be scanned so they can then upload their work to our classes kidblog website.