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Active Math Learning for Young Learners

Students use tools to gain understanding of and fluency in addition and subtraction within 20, using active learning activities.
Susan K.
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Students will be able to...add and subtract within 20 with fluency. Students will move through activities to develop stronger understandings of and gain practice with composing and decomposing numbers to 20. Student engagement will be integral throughout  the process.

Grades K – 3
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1 Hook

To get students engaged in learning use "Mega Math Marathon",  found on the GoNoodle Plus prime membership site. (You can download a free month's preview. Otherwise the cost is $10/month or $99/year). This activity has the students answering math facts on the screen as they run a marathon in your classroom. Set the operation to your choice of addition or subtraction at a level where students are ready for independent work. Although students ultimately can run a full marathon, just play long enough to get the students excited about your lesson.

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Drawing

The purpose of this lesson is to show students how to use jumps to illustrate their math calculations on a number line.  Limit your lesson to the operation and level you want to teach your students. For example, if you are focusing on single digit addition or subtraction, drawing unit jumps to add or subtract two numbers would be appropriate. If you are working with two digit numbers, introducing jumps in groups of fives, and tens would be important. 

3 Guided Practice

Guided practice with solving example problems can be done on paper or white boards. But if you would like to engage students with a digital option, trying using the Number Line app by Math Learning Center. Students can work individually or in pairs, using the app to illustrate and solve problems as you guide their practice. 

4 Independent practice

Download the Fetch! Lunch Rush app, then print the playing card set. Laminate and cut the ten cards out. Tape the cards throughout the classroom. Students love to find them in odd spots, like taped to the bottom of a table. Students set the app on their iPods/iPads to the specific skill level needed. Then, working individually or in pairs, solve problems on the app by walking the room and finding the correct answer. Pointing the iPod/iPad to the QR code on the card with the correct answer uploads augmented reality "sushi" onto their device. Score is kept by the device. This is a highly active game, with lots of movement and excitement.   

5 Wrap-Up

An optional wrap-up activity is to return to GoNoodle  "Mega Math Marathon" for a few minutes of whole group fun!