Lesson Plan

Across the Decades

Students will work in small groups to research and create products about the US during different decades
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My Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Students will be able to research a specific asepct of the assigned decade using provided resources.

Students will be able to create a product to demonstrate learning.

Social Studies
historical figures
Grades 4 – 7
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1 Hook

Students will view the end product that students created the previous year.  Each year the products change as teachers and students reflect on the best ones suited for the content and the new product choices available.

The class will then discuss the parts they saw and work to identify the different types of content that found out about the decade.  They will also be encouraged to idneitfy additional information that was not presented that they want to present.

Afterwards, students will select (rank several) the topic that they are interested in researching and the teacher will place them in appropriate groups.

2 Introduction/Directions

Activity: Exploring

Students will be divided into their groups and given graphic organizers to organize the research that they collect.  Each group will be directed to find information specific to their content.  For example, the inventions will need to find dates, and inventors names as well as just the invention and purpose.

3 Research/Guided Practice

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Students are provided with several links to complete their research.  If the provided links do not provide the information needed then they are guided through a wider internet search.

As students complete their research, they are filling in their graphic organizer and recording sources.

4 Create

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Students use these digital tools to create a product that will demonstrate their learning about the decade.  Each group will create a digital product will become a part of the final class product - a video created with WeVideo.