Lesson Plan

Acculturation and Assmiliation

Visually, Auditory, and interactionally conveying information while encourageing analysis and introspection about acculturation.
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As for understanding my research students will be expected to utilize the background information (shared/provided) to understand, analyze, and evaluate my research question.

Summarize the main purpose behind my research.

Develop real life/ personal example related to the research topic.

Identify the concepts learned in each example given.

Assess lesson and draw conclusions that relate what they have learned to policy  implications.

Social Studies
Grades 12
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1 Examples of different cultures.

Introduce the concept of culture.

Ask what the photos are presenting.


2 What is Assimilation and What is Acculturation?

Present the definition.

Describe the processes and their similarities and differences.

Ask what may influence these processes.

Identify  the three processes.

Ask what they mean to the students

Clarify what they are.

Use examples.

Facilitated by using video scribe.

Present definitions through scribe and narrate/ elaborate using examples and images.

3 Describe a scenario.

Ask the class, "think of the factors that affect assimilation or acculturation. Now describe  a scenario in which acculturation or assimilation has occurred."

Ask students to share their examples.

Have other classmates analyze the scenario and identify acculturation and or assimilation key terms and processes.



Student Instructions

Write a brief  one sentence summary of your example on PollEveryWhere and be prepared to share it/ elaborate on it.

4 Why is this important?

Activity: Conversing

Ask students to think and write about :

  • personal experience
  • the influence on social structures
  • other aspects of society that may be influenced by these processes
  • possible public policy implications.

Then, have them share their thoughts with the class.

Finally, share the topic and  purpose of your research.