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Absolute Value Graph Shifts

I will utilize different apps to maximize student efficiency in seeing how equations relate to their graphs. (50-60 min)
Charles J.
Classroom teacher
Claremont International High School
Bronx, United States
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Students will be able to identify how a change in the equation of a function relates to a change in the graph of that function. 

Students will be able to  explain the difference in graphs in relation to the parent function.

Grades 9 – 10
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1 Hook

Have students explain what the graph of f(x) = IxI looks like. Push them to be as specific as possible in describing the shape, vertex, size, position, etc... They can use any tool for this however they are required to also write down what they find and see. (5-10 min)

Student Instructions

Students will use desmos or a related app to graph the function f(x) = lxl. They will then describe everything they can about the graph being as detailed as possible.

2 Direct Instruction

-Teacher should show o n Desmos the parent function of an Absolute value equation. They should then show the graph of a altered absolute value equation such as y=lx+2l and ask the students to explain how the graph moved. Teacher should pose question, "what can we say happens to the graph when we add a number inside the absolute value bars?"  Teacher can turn on "trail" and manually move the graph in the desired direction to show the graph actually moving to the left.  (10 min)

3 Student/guided Practice

Students should be given an activity guide. In this guide there will be multiple variations of the absolute value equation. Students should create graphs for all of the functions using the digital tools. After graphing the equations they should be recording  two things: 1. How did the equation change? 2. How did this change in the equation change the graph? Students can record this in a google doc or in a notebook. If students are using SmartAmp and have created their own work space, the teacher can make comments directly in their work space. If using google docs, teacher should comment directly on their document.  Teacher should circulate and address questions and misconceptions.  (20-30 min)

Student Instructions

Students should look at the activity guide in google doc's and create the graphs of every equation. Students should record two things: 1. How did the equation change from the parent function?  2.  How did this change in the equation change(move) the graph?

4 Exit Ticket/Wrap up/Assessment

Teacher should create a short 2 or 3 question quiz. One question should be multiple choice, one should be short answer, and one should be graphing. Students should have to play around with the graph shifts and equation changes in 3 different outputs. They should be able to provide a graph by hand in formative of any one of the graph shifts, while answering a short answer question and a multiple choice question. (5-10 min)

Student Instructions

Students must complete the formative assessment before logging out of their work station. go to www.goformative.com  and enter the code your teacher provided. There will be a 3 question exit ticket assessing what was covered in class.