Lesson Plan

ABC’s of Kindergarten

Students will engage and develop an understanding of the alphabet through their school environment. Students will use the letters of the alphabet to create a book with photographs and descriptions of their environment. The students will with assistance ph
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Students will be able to...

work collaboratively in small groups

recognize and identify letters of the alphabet, create a description of the picture connecting their environment and the alphabet

demonstrate an understanding of the alphabet by picking a word for each letter , create a description explaining their school environment photographs and sharing their discoveries assisting in the creation of a collaborative Google slide presentation



NETS Student Standards: 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 4B

English Language Arts
Grades K
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1 Hook

Activity: Presenting

Let’s Go On a Alphabet Hunt!

Start the class by singing the alphabet song and reading a book about the alphabet that shows pictures connected to  letters.

Student Instructions

Students will participate by singing the alphabet song and listening to the story. Students will offer more words that begin with each letter.


2 Direct Instruction

Explain to the students that together they  are going to create their  own Alphabet Book using pictures from around the school. Assist them with examples: “C is for the Cafeteria where we eat our lunch, D is for the Door that welcomes us into school”, and then see what else they can think of quickly.  After this initial brainstorming session, take a walk around school to gather some more ideas, this is a great way for the students to become familiar and comfortable with their surroundings.  Once a few responses have been gathered the activity can continue by breaking students into small groups.

Student Instructions

Students will participate in class discussion by offering their ideas and listening to others. Working with your collaborative group, discuss and decide on your group’s best  matches of picture ideas and letters for the class Alphabet book.

3 Guided Practice

Activity: Creating

Teachers/students  need to take pictures for the Alphabet book using a phone, iPad or camera. If the students will be part of the picture (make sure you have permission to photograph students). Digital copies can be cropped as needed. Using Google slides students assist the teacher in picture placement, caption ideas and color of slide background. This can be done as a whole group or with individual students using an overhead projector to demonstrate tools available in Google slides (font and slide colors, text choices, creating a picture frame around their picture).


Student Instructions

Students can help take the pictures for the book, and be part of the picture when it is their turn. Participate in the decision process by collaborating with classmates on the design of individual slides.


4 Independent Practice

Activity: Creating

Working as a  collaborative group develop the captions for each picture creating a story based on the alphabet.

Student Instructions

Students will participate y sharing their ideas about the picture captions using the alphabet letter selected.

5 Wrap Up

Activity: Presenting

Teacher will share  the Alphabet book through school website  or on teacher pages by saving finished project as PDF.

Student Instructions

Students will share their project with their families and other classes  to teach them about their school through the eyes of a Kindergartener.