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A Native Tribe Puzzle

Research project with an underhanded twist
Robert C.
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Students will be able to create a resource guide that they will turn over to another group for a research project on  one of the Five Nations of the Iroquois Nation found in New York State.

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1 Hook

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- Students will be given a refresher video on the Iroquois

2 Direct instruction

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- Inform students that they will be doing a research project where they will create a slide show presentation on the Iroquois. 

- First they will create/log in to Symbaloo. Inform students that the Symbaloo that they will create will be passed on to a different group which will be used for the report. 

- Next they will gather videos and websites with information on the Iroquois. All of the links should be presented in an easy to follow format such as the model I will provide

3 Guided Practice

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- Students will be given 20 minutes to gather and create their resource guide. 

- Teacher will circulate assisting students with any technical issues in creating their guide. 


- At the end students will email the link to the group that has been assigned to swap with them.