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A Long Walk to Water

Students will use Salva's experience in the novel to educate peers about the refugee experience
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Students will be able to make real world connections with A Long Walk to Water using multimedia tools and collaborative resources through a paired multimedia project.

English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 7 – 8
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Teacher Overview: Students will examine a preconstructed Piktochart infographic to analyze.  This will be presented on the Smartboard.  Students will be asked to analyze and critique the chart looking for meaningful information and ways to infer information.  A sample has been created below:


Student Instructions

Students will answer the following:

  • What catches your eye in this infographic?
  • What seems to be the purpose of this tool?
  • How might this chart be meaningful if used in your class?

2 Mini-lesson

Activity: Presenting

Teachers will record student reactions/comments/questions on chart paper in the front of the room.  Class will come up with a 5 Bullet list of how PIKTOCHART can be a valuable tool.  What does it do? How difficult is it to create these infographics?

Student Instructions

Share your thoughts/comments/questions with the students at your desk.  Create a chart paper wall of ideas to represent your table.  Your focus:

How can PIKTOCHART be a valuable learning tool?

3 Research Based Project

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Google Drive
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Students will think about Salva from A Long Walk to Water. Students will create a Piktochart account and begin creating a Piktochart to teach students about Salva's experience.  In the Piktochart, the following information must be included:

  • a brief synopsis of Salva's struggle in the novel
  • a link or blurb regarding information on the author, Linda Sue Park
  • A real-world connection to the refugee experience today
  • images relevant to the text and/or current events

Struggling students may want to create a Google Slide instead if time constraints limit ease of product.

Student Instructions

Once you have created your own Piktochart account, play with the website to begin your creation.  

How can you add text?  change the background?
How can you add a website link? an image?  

Work with your partner to create an infographic to be used to teach students who have not read this novel.  Make sure you include all of the requirements of the assignment.  

4 Share Out

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Students will present their completed projects three days after beginning.  Class will write comments in a graphic organizer and write any questions that arise as well.  

Throughout, the students will focus on the value of the Piktochart website and the meaningful information we can absorb through the infographic.