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Students will answer the questions: What does it mean to sacrifice? What did people of the United States sacrifice on 9/11?
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Students will be able to identify what different groups sacrificed when faced with the conflict of 9/11

English Language Arts
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1 Do Now

KWL BrainPop 9/11 Video Graphic Organizer

Teacher 1: Greets students at the door and gives students their assigned seats.

Teacher 2: Explains and executes KWL worksheet.  

Students are to only fill in the first two columns: what you know, and what you want to know.

Teachers 1 and 2: Go over KWL worksheet and discuss answers

Student Instructions

Students fill in the first 2 columns of the graphic organizer silently

2 Introduction

Teacher 1: Cues up BrainPop 9/11 video

Teacher 2: Stands in the back of the room and gets students settled and ready to watch the video

Student Instructions

Students watch with rapt attention and love the video :) 

3 Lesson Body

Free, Free to try, Paid

Teachers 1 & 2:  Facilitate a discussion examining “sacrifice” around the following questions:

What does it mean to sacrifice? (give definition)

Is sacrifice necessary?

When and under what circumstances?  

Possible examples include: Parents sacrifice time or money for their children; soldiers sacrifice lives and comfort for their country

Teachers 1 and 2: Some people’s version of sacrifice can result in harm to other people.

Ask if they can provide such examples.

Ask students: Are these instances examples of sacrifice? Why or why not? Do you consider the willingness to die a sacrifice? Is this like other types of sacrifice? Is it okay to sacrifice something if it means killing others?

Remind students that 9/11 contained many examples of sacrifice, some of which we have just been discussing.

Ask: What kinds of sacrifice were exhibited on 9/11?  

Teacher 1: Passes out BrainPop article

Teacher 2: Begins to facilitate reading. Read BrainPop FYI article out loud with the students.

Break students into groups. Each group will be assigned one of the sentence prompts below. The group must complete their sentence explaining how and why sacrifice was exhibited on or after 9/11. Have students share and record their answers for the class. Students should discuss if they agree or disagree with the way each group chose to complete their sentence.     

• People who worked inside the towers sacrificed____________because…  

• Rescue workers sacrificed ____________because…     

• Volunteers sacrificed _____________because…     

• Business owners sacrificed___________ because...

• New Yorkers and people all over the world sacrificed_______ because...

Teacher 1: passes out supplies

Teacher 2: You are now going to choose one of the people who sacrificed on 9/11 and write a thank you card to them.  Think about what the people you chose gave up or lost for the greater good and why they made that choice.  


Student Instructions

Participate in the discussion. Students can also put their thoughts on padlet for the class to see. (if enough tech is available)

4 Assesment Of Learning

Activity: Other — Worksheet

Have students fill in the last column of their worksheet. What did you learn today.