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7th Grade Ancient Egypt Unit

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Dana O.
Instructional Technology Integrator
North Allegheny School District
Pittsburgh, United States
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The students will be able to:

  • Discuss the inventions and technologies that were developed to meet the developing needs of the people..
  • Identify key inventions and contributions of the Ancient Egyptians, including Hieroglyphic writing, surveying, astronomy, the calendar, and medicine
Social Studies
cultural understanding
Grades 7
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1 Hook

The Google Street View of Giza, Egypt will be up as the students are coming in and getting settled for the day.  The teacher uses questioning techniques to get the students talking about Egypt at the start of class and introduce them to the day's activity.

  • Looking at the street view, where do you suspect we are going today?
  • What do you think we are going to do?
  • What's the name of someone who studies the past?  Maybe digs things up? Explores places to learn more about the past? 


2 Guided Instruction

Students will investigate the pyramids and toms at Giza and Egyptian objects using The Pyramids app.  They will work alone or in pairs, using a guide, to learn more about 3-4 things in The Pyramids app.  They can view tombs, objects, and even read about ancient Egyptian times.  If students are working alone, they can plug in their earbuds to listen to the guided tour in each of the tombs or pyramids.  While the students are using the app, they are encouraged to write one connection, question, or relfection on each item they learn about.     

3 Closure

Activity: Other — Reflecting

Students will write down one thing they learned and with whom they plan to share that information.

4 Independent Practice

For homework, students will read a Scholastic news article about new discoveries in Egypt.