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7.4 Zooming in on Figures: Entry Task Bubble Madness

The students will gather data on circles from Numbers and aggregate the class data in real time onto a shared Sheets app to find an approximation of pi.
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Students will be able to identify and measure the diameter and circumference of circles.
Students will be able to use Numbers to list gross measurements of diameter and circumference.
Students will be able to open a shared document on Google Docs to aggregate class data.
Students will learn to blow bubbles.

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1 Guided Practice

Using soap bubbles and construction paper, students will blow different sized bubbles onto construction paper, measure and graph their circumferences and diameters.

2 Group Work

Activity: Investigating

Students open up shared document (Sheets) in Google Drive that will allow them to aggregate their individual data in real time...all at once.

They will use the aggregate data to generate a more accurate approximation for the value of pi.