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7 Step Sway Multimedia Project

Students explain how to do something in seven steps.
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For this project, you will have seven steps to explain how to do something.  It can be how to make a free throw, how to climb a rock wall, how to install an app on your phone, or even how to take good notes in class.  Your final product will be a multimedia interactive presentation describing these seven steps.  Once you have determined your topic you will share it with your teacher for appropriateness for the school audience.  Our district is an Office 365 district so the project is written with that in mind. However, if you are a Google Apps for Education district that is an easy alternative.

Students will be able to...

  • explain how to do something (they choose the topic) in seven steps
  • use topic-specific vocabulary and vary sentence structure
  • apply a variety of transitions to add cohesion and flow
  • edit a classmates' writing for structure, supporting details, transitions, and grammar
  • revise their writing based on classmates' feedback
  • publish their writing as a multimedia presentation
English Language Arts
Grades 7 – 9
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1 Prewriting and Drafting

Give students the project page and have them choose their topic for the seven step writing assignment.  Once you have approved their topics students will need to list their steps and begin writing their first draft.

Student Instructions

After your topic is approved, you will list your seven steps in order.  Then you will write a short paragraph describing that step.  You will also want to think about any images, websites, or videos that support your description.  Next, you will draft an introduction and conclusion paragraph for your essay and ultimately your presentation.


2 Collaborative Editing

Have students share their drafts giving commenting or editing privileges to their collaborative editing partner.  If your school uses Office 365, you will want to use that or you can use Google Drive.

Student Instructions

Once you have finished your draft, you will partner with a classmate to review each other’s drafts by sharing your draft giving commenting or editing privileges to your partner.  You will look for the following in your partner’s essay:

Is the flow for this essay organized and logical?

Is there an area of the essay that needs more support?

Is the introduction and conclusion effective at previewing/reviewing content?

Do the transitions provide for a cohesive flow from step to step?

3 Revising

Have students make revisions to their drafts.  

Student Instructions

When your collaborative partner has completed their edits and questions, make revisions to your paper according to your partner’s feedback.

4 Publishing

If you are an Office 365 district/campus, you may follow the directions as described.  If not, you may use the Google Apps as an alternative.  You may also want to give students an option for which web-based tool they want to use.  The directions given are for using Office Sway.

See project page above for rubric.

Student Instructions

For this project we will be using two different applications to help us produce our multimedia presentation.  We will begin with Microsoft Word.  We will type our revised draft in Microsoft word and make each paragraph its own section.  You will also give each paragraph and section its own title.  

You will use the heading styles for the title.  This will make it easy to produce your multimedia presentation in Sway.  After typing, you will want to find images, videos, and links to support your steps and save them to your H:, OneDrive, or Edmodo backpack.