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5th grade Original Lock Box Activity

Students collaborate and create an activity for kindergarten
Meredith Y.
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Students will be able to...

Collaborate together to make a rigorous lesson plan for kindergartners

Facilitate and teach kindergartners how to work well in a group

Explain and teach about our one school rule of CARE

English Language Arts
Grades K – 5
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1 Hook

Activity: Presenting

5th grade students will have already participated in two or three Lock Box activities. They will be familiar with how a lock box activity works and be able to brainstorm ideas on how to reveal clues for the locks.

Teacher says, "Do you remember when we did a Lock Box Activity? Now it is your turn to create one for kindergarten. We want kindergartners to learn about CARE in the first week of school. We are going to create an activity that will teach them about CARE while they are learning how to be a community member and work together with their classmates."

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Conversing

Review the 5 locks and create a circle map of different ideas we can give clues. Be sure to think about what kindergartners can do.

Student Instructions

Collaborate with a partner about ideas for different locks. Share out and collect ideas as a whole class.

3 Independent Practice

Put students into 5 groups, each group will be working on a different lock. Be sure to walk around and ask questions to guide students into creating an activity that is rigorous, but age appropriate. Constantly remind students that the goal is to build the classroom community while teaching about CARE.

Student Instructions

Students can use paper and pencil or google docs to begin collaborating and collecting their ideas. 

When they decide how the lock will be revealed students need to create the pieces they will need. 

Students may create a worksheet, an iMovie, a Chatterpix, a Green Screen, whatever they want to! That is the beauty of it, students can be creative and they are the ones in charge.

4 Check-in

Activity: Assessing

Teacher brings the group back together as an entire class so that each group can present their part of the Lock Box activity.

Student Instructions

Each group challenges the rest of the class to crack the code to their activity. The class must think about the activity from the point of view of a kindergartner. After each group goes the students give constructive feedback to each group. Then the groups are able to go add/enhance their activity before trying it with kindergarten.

5 Fruition!

Activity: Presenting

Briefly talk with 5th graders about how to facilitate the kindergarten groups. Remind the students that kindergartners will need a lot of support with taking turns and sharing the responsibilities.

Student Instructions

Students run the Lock Box Activity for a kindergarten classroom. They present the activity and each of the tasks. They facilitate the discussions and collaboration occurring within groups. They have fun!!!!!