Lesson Plan

3rd Grade Distributive Property

Introduction and practice with the distributive property
Hailey M.
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James H Hendrix Elementary School
Boiling Springs, United States
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1 Hook- Introduction to Distributive Property

Teacher will introduce distributive property by showing the Brainpop video on distributive property. UN- phespta PW- cougars


Student Instructions

The students will watch the video.

2 Direct Instruction- Teaching Distributive Property

Activity: Other — Promethean Flipchart

The teacher will give direct instruction using the flipchart on Google Drive.

Student Instructions

The students will take notes.

3 Guided Practice- Working through problems together

The teacher will give students problems to work through on their whiteboards or iPads.

Student Instructions

The students will complete problems on whiteboard or iPads with guidance from the teacher.

4 Independent Practice- Practicing Distributive Property

Activity: Assessing

Give instructions to practice distributive property in workbook pg 6.4

Student Instructions

Complete pgs R6.4 and P6.4 in workbook

5 Wrap Up- Kahoot game

Free, Paid

Give students code to connect to Kahoot game

Link to game: http://goo.gl/O9BVGA

Student Instructions

Students will collaborate with iPads to answer quiz questions on Kahoot game.