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3 R's of Literacy - Read, Write, Recap

Oral and written reading comprehension assessments
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Students will be able to...

critically read and analyze informational text passages

interact with the text by annotating and entering comments/questions about the selection

compose a blog post based on  the reading passage

record an opinion or reflection of the reading passage

English Language Arts
English Language Learning
Grades K – 12
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1 Read

Using one of the three sources for leveled informational text passages, students will read an assigned or chosen passage and with teacher-developed instructions  that will meet English Language Arts and/or ESL standards.  Articles should be of high interest to the target student population in order to maximize reading comprehension.

Student Instructions

Log in the reading tool and search for the reading passage as directed by your teacher.  Use the tool's annotation feature to highlight parts of the passage which you find interesting or surprising.  You will also highlight anything you don't understand or would like to learn more about, including vocabulary words.  Additional annotation expectations may be addressed by your teacher.  

2 Write

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Using the blogging tool of choice, students will be directed to blog their thoughts about the reading passage in order to check for depth of understanding.

Student Instructions

After reading the passage, use the annotations to compose a blog post based on the article read.  Use the 3-2-1 style to summarize what you have learned.  The blog post  must  include the following:

- Three things you learned

- Two things you found interesting or surprising

- One thing you don't understand or have a question about.

- Personal input in the form of an opinion or reflection

- Related graphic


3 Recap

Use Recap to check understanding by giving students a video recorded prompt/question.  

Student Instructions

Log in to letsrecap.com and search for the question from the reading selection.  Read the question carefully and watch your teacher's video recorded prompt.  Think carefully about your response and write out your thoughts.  Then click the record button, to record your opinion or reflection. You may rerecord as needed. Once satisfied with your recording, submit your answer.