Lesson Plan

2D Motion

Describing 2D motion with projecties

Students will be able to...

Define "projectile".

Describe and plotthe motion of a projectile.

Understand the "x" and "y" components in 2D motion.

Mathematically represent the motion of a projectile using both the "x" and "y" components. 

Grades 9
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1 Observing 2D Motion

Students will use the iPad cart to play the game Motion Force.  Students will play the first few levels of the game. While doing so, they need to write down any observations/thoughts they had on how the object moves.

Students should come to at least one if not two of the conclusions:

Object forms an arc

Object doesn't travel as far horizontally or vertically depending on the angle. 

2 Projectile Motion in real time

Students will use the iPads and the app Vernier Video Physics to capture a projectile object in real time. 

Students will be grouped in 2 or 3s and be taken outside to create a projectile to filman analyze. 

The app will help with the calculations of  the numbers but show the students the correct formulas to use

3 Present video

Students will use the whiteboard app to collaborate their findings with their group memembers. Each group will have their lab summary on the whiteboard, along with their video, and screen share it with the class to present. Students will use the Google Chrome cast to share their content while I record down each groups similar findings on the board. Once all the groups have shared, the class will discuss the similar findings before moving on.

4 Comparing results with the text

Students will now read the section of projectile motion on The Physics Classroom or watch the video at Khan Academy to compare the labs results with textbook material. This will help reinforce and confirm their findings  and get rid of any misconceptions they have while giving them materials for notes. 

5 Putting knowledge to use

This is an optional step if time permitting.

Have students go back and play the same levels again in theMotion Force game. Using their new knowledge see if they can beat their previous score.