Lesson Plan

13 Colonies

The Wonderful 13

Students will be able to

1.  Identify the 13 colonies

2.  To explain how and why people wanted to come to America

3.  Identify the key people who was involved in making America a country



Social Studies
Grades 4
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1 Hook: reading a book on the 13 colonies.

Activity: Reading

Hook:  Read a book that is age appropriate  and ask questions as we go along.  And after the book sing the School House Rock song. 



2 guided practice

have students individual or in groups present on a colony to the class

3 Independent Practice

Have questions based off of handouts and other helpful tools for the students

4 Wrap up

Activity: Other — writing/drawing

Have the students write a essay about what they have learned about the 13 colonies.  Also have them to create their own colonies, with laws, and other customs.