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100 years War

Story of Joan of Arc
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My Grades 9
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•Use the key events of the Hundred Years' War in France as the context for a discussion of Joan of Arc.
•Use evidence from firsthand accounts to delve into Joan of Arc's life and the historical milieu in which she lived.

Social Studies
Grades 9
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1 Hook

Students will be asked the poll question:
Who is our society would be considered the best leader/inspiration?

2 Direct Instruction

•Visit the History of The Hundred Years War (15th Century) and the History of Joan of Arc accessible through a link from EDSITEment resource The Internet Public Library for background information on Joan of Arc and the Hundred Years War.
•For background information on Joan's three trials in the essay visit The Condemnation and Rehabilitation Trials of Joan of Arc (accessible through a link from the EDSITEment-reviewed The Labyrinth). It is important to note the following:

3 Guided Practice

II.•In Activity #3, in which students read first-hand testimony about Joan, decide which selections the students will use. Prepare them for distribution. Nine sets of suggested excerpts are provided, divided into two groups. Excerpts from Joan's Condemnation Trial are shown first as that trial came first chronologically.

In classes without time to explore all of the excerpts, the testimony from the Nullification Trial—excerpts 5-10—trace Joan's story (albeit from the point of view of friends or supporters) from her childhood to her death. The excerpts from the Condemnation Trial, on the other hand, offer insight into the English attitude toward Joan. Another possible approach using some excerpts from both trials would be to assign the first three from each as companion pieces for comparing and contrasting.

4 Independent Practice

Free, Paid

Use time toast to make a 10 event time line of the story of Joan of Arc.

5 Wrap-Up

Activity: Drawing

Use the following website to summarize the 100 years War/ Joan of Arc