Our Digital Citizenship Curriculum on iBooks Textbooks is perfect for classrooms with access to Apple devices. Empower your students to think critically and use technology as responsible digital citizens. 

Our K–12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum on iBooks Textbooks, made up of a Student Workbook and a Teacher Edition, allows students and teachers to experience our K–12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum in an interactive and engaging format that takes advantage of the unique features of iBooks.

The Student Workbook includes lesson activities, compelling videos, and interactive assessments where students can show what they know. The Teacher Edition includes lesson plans with teacher support, videos, and implementation tips. Used together, the Student Workbook and Teacher Edition provide an enriching experience that empowers students with the digital citizenship skills they need to use technology for learning and life.

(Updates: In October 2016, the Student Workbook and Teacher Edition were updated to include new digital citizenship activities and videos, greater accessibility features such as closed-captioning, and a more secure QR code process for students to seamlessly turn in their work while employing the highest of privacy standards.)