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Updated November 2014

Possible Worlds: Galactic Gloop Zoo

Use concepts of heat transfer to hatch animals in this space adventure
This module is part of the Game Possible Worlds.
Common Sense Rating 3
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  • Clear up misconceptions about heat transfer.
  • Use a heat suit to distribute energy.
  • Illustrates that only heat -- not cold -- is transferred.
  • Navigate mazes to share heat.
  • Use scientific words to advance.
Caryn Swark
Common Sense Reviewer
Classroom teacher
Common Sense Rating 3
How Can Teachers Use It?

In Galactic Gloop Zoo, students play a 2-D space game in which they transfer heat to help hatch eggs for the Galactic Zoo. It employs a lot of mechanics, keeping play fresh, challenging, and interesting throughout. As with all Possible World games, Galactic Gloop Zoo's extensive support materials make it possible to conduct an entire unit using just the resources on the website. It also does an excellent job of clearing up misconceptions about how heat travels (but cold doesn't), making it an effective way to review and finalize students' understanding of heat transfer. 

In addition to Possible Worlds' support materials, teachers could challenge students to use a program like Gamestar Mechanic to design their own games using the concepts of heat transfer, or to design a board or card game to teach heat transfer to younger students. The mechanics are fairly staightforward, so students should be able to reproduce them easily. 

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