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Possible Worlds: The Ruby Realm

Kids use the principles of photosynthesis to unlock a robot's powers

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  • Science

  • Critical Thinking
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In The Ruby Realm, kids control a rescue robot venturing through a smugglers' cave, using the principles of photosynthesis to fuel the robot and unlock its powers. The game offers a very thorough and sound analysis of photosynthesis, which should leave students with no misinformation or misconceptions.

Possible Worlds always provides teachers with extensive supplemental resources for using their games, and this module is no exception. If teachers follow the lesson plans provided, they'll find everything laid out for them in explicit detail, from a PowerPoint presentation introducing the topic to a critical-thinking activity to use after the game. It's totally possible to use The Ruby Realm without accessing any of those resources, however. Although the game wouldn't be a great introduction to photosynthesis, it would be a very useful mid-unit activity or pre-test review.

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