Teacher Review for MinecraftEdu

A fantastic tool for creative learning

James P.
Classroom teacher
Friendship Christian School
Raleigh, United States
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My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Arts
My Rating
Learning Scores
My Students Liked It Yes
My Students Learned Yes
I Would Recommend It Yes
Setup Time More than 15 minutes
Great for Creation
Further application
Knowledge gain
Small group
Student-driven work
Teacher-led lessons
Whole class
Great with Advanced learners
Low literacy
Special needs
How I Use It
The beauty of MinecraftEdu is that it can be used for many different subjects- and even multiple subjects at the same time. My students just finished a project to build the ancient city of Rome. While working in groups, each student used math to construct a building for their village. Their goal was to create a digital version of Rome, while using geometry to determine the area of each structure. In the end, the students gained an appreciation for ancient architecture, an experience within a historical setting, and a practical application for math. My students loved this activity! Maps and worlds can be shared within the MinecraftEdu community. One teacher created a world called "World of Humanities." Students can spend hours, if not days, exploring ancient civilizations in this massive Minecraft environment. My students have talked with Plato, explored Mesopotamia, and discovered the Egyptian pyramids. I've spent some time making my own worlds for certain lessons in my curriculum. It's certainly taken some time to learn how the game works, but it's worth it. My students have learned so much from their experiences with MinecraftEdu.
My Take
My students love to learn in this interactive environment! MinecraftEdu combines the basic Minecraft game with specialized tools for teachers. These tools allow me to control the environment and guide my students in the learning process. With the teacher tools, I can give my students clear objectives for each lesson and monitor their progress. I like having the ability to create specific situations for them. As a MinecraftEdu teacher, I can fly around our digital world and change things to meet our current objects. I'm also impressed with the limitless possibilities that come with this game. It could be used for almost any academic subject! It's a flexible game that will excite students and challenge their thinking skills. My only concern is the slight learning curve for interested teachers. Teachers will need to be familiar with the game's mechanics before using it with their students. There is a great support team for MinecraftEdu, but I think more work should be done to help new users.