Teacher Review for Law Craft

Great Start to How a Bill Becomes a Law......A Little Childish for High School

David L.
Technology coordinator
Kennesaw State University
Kennesaw, United States
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My Subjects Social Studies
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How I Use It
I think this product would be a great way to start the How a Bill becomes a Law discussion. You could have students play it as an intro or have them do it as homework. You as the Congressman you pick the bill, add admendments to gain support, go to conference, and work for the passing of the bill. I think High School kids might find it a bit childish as most of the amendments are written towards kid issues and do not really capture issues that Congress would really deal with. It might cause them to pass this game off
My Take
I think overall this could be a great way to intro how a bill becomes a law. It adds in lots of steps such as adding amendments, conference committee, and the presidents signature into a game. I would love to see them make the process a little closer to what Congress actually is. There is no committee process before the party vote.. I think you could make party preference play more into it. The biggest issue overall though is that the bills presented are just childish. This is a high school subject that is often taught in 12th grade. If they could make the bills more real world, it would go a long way to help the game. I also would like to see companies move away from Flash with the massive adoptions of Ipads in schools