Teacher Review for Democracy 3

Democracy 3 is a Terrific Simulation of Politics and Policy Implementation

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How I Use It
Even though I have a graduate degree in public policy, I learned a lot from Democracy 3 and definitely recommend it. It was very though-provoking to examine how the game simulates the interactions among different variable (for example, the effects of legalizing drugs on crime). Even when I disagreed with the model, it was a great learning opportunity to reflect on why I disagreed with it. Someone should create an online course on government where you play (and reflect on) Democracy 3, SimCity and Civilization!
My Take
Democracy 3 is fun to play and is a terrific simulation of politics and policy implementation. I played it for about 10-15 hours and found it fascinating and very educational/thought-provoking. In the game, I mostly tried establishing my own extreme libertarian utopia and was repeatedly assassinated by either socialist or religious extremists. In one attempt, I was under threat from BOTH socialist and religious extremists! In my last attempted, I enacted more moderate policies and did make it to the next election but I got zero votes.