Teacher Review for Classcraft

ClassCraft: Gamification of Classroom Management

Nicky S.
Classroom teacher
John Adams Middle School
Edison, United States
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My Subjects English Language Arts
My Rating
Learning Scores
My Students Liked It Yes
My Students Learned Yes
I Would Recommend It Yes
Setup Time More than 15 minutes
Great for Whole class
Great with Advanced learners
Low literacy
How I Use It
ClassCraft is a wonderful classroom management tool. It is similar to Class Dojo, but the characters and interface really lend themselves to modern video games. Students work collaboratively in a guild to manage their classroom experience. Students create a character - warrior, mage, or healer. The characters are snazzy, but students want more customization and options. Students gain experience (XP) either by working collaboratively or when the teacher awards it (think: good behavior, hard work in class, being successful, etc.). Students lose health points (HP) through negative behaviors in class (being unprepared, being a distraction, not completing work, etc.). Students can use AP to learn powers - real-life perks for class. Powers are totally able to be customized and can include hints on assessments, switching seats, having a snack, and helping team members. Students can use gold pieces (GP) to customize character and train their pets. When students health drop super low, they fall in battle. Teachers can select pre-set options or create their own to have affect their students. These options can line up with their classroom management plan. Quests are 5 minute timers for students with a background. The Wheel of Destiny is a random student selector.
My Take
Random event are something that a teacher can use to spice things up in class. In my class, I have a mini challenge to select a student. That student can select if they want the Random Event to affect their guild or another guild. Random Events can be positive or negative. The Book of Laments (consequences for falling in battle) is difficult to figure out. This style of teaching lends itself to project-based learning or student-centered learning as it requires the teacher to enter the changes to student stats in live time. It is a great behavior management tracker as you can look back through documentation at student performance and behavior. You can input grades for XP rewards or HP penalties. On the paid version, you can create interactive curriculum where students can interact through videos and discussion boards for HP, XP, and AP rewards and/or removal. Students like the tool and it takes a while to have them adapt to not be 100% ClassCraft focused. In my building, students have started begging other teachers to incorporate it in their classes. As a gamer and a believer of gamification in education, I like this tool for what it is. It gets students excited about class and holds them accountable for their learning/behavior. I wish it was a more platform that teachers could use for more game-based learning. My advice: only create ClassCraft if you are truly ready to devote a significant amount of your in class time to keep up with your class' progress.