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Beginning Operations

Beginning Operations

Kids play with food to learn addition and subtraction

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Pros: Four games provide variety and interest; food-themed games are fun and interesting; a variety of skill levels provide differentiation.

Cons: There is no guidance if players are struggling, so players need to have some experience with the content before playing.

Bottom Line: These engaging activities provide players with practice in addition and subtraction, though not instruction in these skills.

Beginning Operations is appropriate for users of many levels and types. Students could use the games for independent practice, either for advanced students' extension or for remediation (with lower learners). It would be an excellent resource for ELD students or students with special needs. The games will also work on an interactive whiteboard and could therefore be used for whole-class review and practice. A printable pre-test and post-test  are available also.

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Beginning Operations is a series of four games designed to give practice in addition and subtraction to kindergarten and first-grade learners. There are two addition games, "Apple Orchard Addition" and "Drive-Thru Diner Addition"; and two subtraction games, "Lemonade Stand Subtraction" and "Cookie Muncher Subtraction." Players choose the game they want to play and then select a difficulty level (facts to 6 or facts to 12). Instructions for each game are available. The graphics and characters are fun and engaging, and the food-based activities have great kid appeal.


Beginning Operations is a fun way to get young children practicing addition and subtraction skills. The addition activities support learning by having the player count the objects being added (apples or hot dogs and hamburgers). In each case, there is a box that shows the numerals as objects are counted. The subtraction games support learning by providing visuals of glasses of lemonade or cookies being removed from the original amount. In these cases, the numerals in the subtraction equation also appear at each step. Equations are shown for each game, providing an introduction of where each part of an addition or subtraction equation comes from. The skills are built in, requiring players to complete equations correctly before moving on. When players answer incorrectly, the characters direct the player to try again. There's no instruction for users on how the skills are done, so players should have some experience with the content before playing.

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These four games covering addition and subtraction for facts up to 12 are engaging and will hold the attention of learners in the target audience. Young players will enjoy the catchy graphics and games and will come back for more.


Addition and subtraction skills are age-appropriate and built into the games. Players choose from two difficulty levels on each game (facts up to 6 or 12), providing varied levels of difficulty.


There are instructions for each game at the start but no option for help in the middle of the game. Some games provide additional help by displaying counting cards as objects are used. There are printable pre- and post-tests for extension.

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Ivy L. , Special education instructor
Special education instructor
P.S. 130 Abram Stevens Hewitt
Bronx, United States
Interactive addition and subtraction games for beginners!
I definitely think that this product is fun and engaging for the younger learners. I do not think this game alone would teach students addition and subtraction, but it can be used as a resource to reinforce the concept or for practice. While they do offer Level 2 - Facts to 12, my advanced learners got bored with this game pretty fast.
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