Digital Citizenship Week 2016

It's here again: Digital Citizenship Week! What can you do to celebrate kids using technology safely, responsibly, and respectfully? Empower them in three simple steps:

1. Take the Digital Citizenship for All Pledge.

Join over 5,500 educators who have pledged to teach their kids how to manage their online reputations, deal with issues such as cyberbullying, and conduct themselves safely online. As a bonus for taking the pledge, you’ll also get our Digital Classroom Starter Kit for free!

2. Ask your students to create their own pledges.

How can your students become super digital citizens? Ask them! Begin by encouraging your kids to write their own personal pledges about being good digital citizens in their everyday lives. A pledge could take the form of a motto or a slogan, a song, or a rap. It can rhyme, but it doesn't have to.

Download our Student Pledge Activity Sheet and share it with your students to get them started.

Want to challenge them further? Have your students add music or animations to their pledges and publish them as videos. Use these lists to find the right tools for your students: Great Games, Apps, and Sites for Music and Composing and Websites and Apps for Making Videos and Animations.

Amplify your students' voices by sharing their creations on social media, and be sure to tag us!

3. Challenge your families to have a #DeviceFreeDinner.

Digital citizenship doesn't end in the classroom. Home environments also shape kids' relationships with technology. While we promote technology use for learning, fun, and bringing people together, it's also important to balance media and tech use with undistracted face-to-face time.

Share our #DeviceFreeDinner challenge with your families to drive home the message of balance with device use. Copy and paste the following URL into your class website, newsletter, parent email, and/or social media posts to get your families to take the challenge:

And did you hear?
The California State Legislature just formally declared the week of
October 16–22, 2016, as Digital Citizenship Week!

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