Digital Citizenship Week

October 15–19, 2018

Help students think critically, behave safely, and participate responsibly online.

Internet safety? Creative copyright? Fake news? With so many topics on your "to teach" list that go above and beyond the core curriculum, it's essential to have a game plan.

For Digital Citizenship Week 2018 (Oct. 15–19), we've gathered a few stellar resources into one place. Whether you're just getting started with digital citizenship, are looking for resources to share with colleagues or parents, or are ready to lead a school- or districtwide program, Common Sense Education is here to help you get it done. Ready, set, go Dig Cit!

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Dig Cit 101

Not sure what digital citizenship is? Or know someone who needs a primer? Download the What Is Digital Citizenship? one-pager (PDF) for a quick overview.


Quick-Start Activities

Whether you're new to dig cit or are just looking for fresh ideas, the 4 Ways to Get Started guide (PDF) has some fun activities you can try today.

Go Deeper and Have Fun

Digital Compass characters

Student Stickers

Celebrate your digital citizens … with stickers, of course! Students of all ages will love our Digital Compass stickers, with characters who must navigate a range of real-world digital dilemmas, from data privacy to cyberbullying. 

Download and print these stickers to celebrate your students and advocate for a classroom culture of thoughtful, critical, and creative technology use.

Digital Citizenship Pledge Poster

Classroom Pledge Poster

Turn wired students into great digital citizens with our free classroom poster. Set expectations and create a supportive, safe environment for all your students from day one. Students can pledge to:

  • Communicate kindly and responsibly with one another.
  • Protect our own and others' private information online.
  • Stand up to cyberbullying.
  • Respect each other's ideas and opinions.
  • Give proper credit when we use others' work.
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Common Sense Webinar

Hear from Common Sense Education along with instructional technology manager Theresa Ellington in this archived webinar: Road Map to Districtwide Digital Citizenship Adoption.

Whether you're a teacher or administrator, you'll get tips and resources for implementing a digital citizenship program in your classroom, school, or district.

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