A Common Sense partnership to bring digital literacy tools to K–12 families living in HUD-assisted housing

Get the resources you need to support digital literacy and bridge the digital divide in your community.

Families with school-age children who get connected to high-speed internet at home are gaining a great new resource. But parents also have a lot to consider: How much time will they and their kids spend online? How will they make sure their children have a safe and positive experience?

Common Sense is proud to partner with ConnectHome Nation to provide expert-tested, teacher-approved tools that help families successfully navigate the digital world at home and at school. Our resources are free for the families, housing authorities, refurbishers, and other partners in the ConnectHome program.

Deliver Common Sense digital-literacy resources directly to your residents:

  1. Review online materials below to find the right resources for your families.
  2. Print and share relevant family-engagement materials for your next residential event.
  3. Pre-populate computers with resources before they're donated to families*.
  4. *Companies and nonprofits providing devices to ConnectHome families can contact us to get our full suite of support materials in a single digital file to easily load onto donated devices.

Our Resources

With the right support, all kids can become confident and safe digital learners. We offer games, guides, and exercises for children of all ages. Take a look!

Digital citizenship resources prepare kids to think critically and act respectfully online.

Digital learning games and interactives help them develop new skills.

Family-engagement tools help parents get involved in their kids' digital lives.

Common Sense Latino connects Spanish-speaking families with useful tips and tools.