How Phones Make Field Trips Even More Fun

Three activities that turn devices from a learning distraction to a destination.
Field trips are fun diversions from the classroom; they offer a valuable change of scenery for students and new opportunities for learning. But, in spite of this newness, one stubborn issue remains: device distraction. Teachers know that smartphone issues don't just get left behind when students board the bus to head to a local museum. In fact, the excitement of being outside of school can lead to even more distracted phone-checking. There's an easy fix: banning phones. But a no-phone ... Read more
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Best EdTech of 2016

The 20 best apps, games, and websites for learning from 2016.
In 2016 the Common Sense Education editorial staff evaluated close to 170 apps, games, and websites for learning potential and classroom implementation. This year (as in years past) there are some very ... Read more
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Meet Our Ambassadors: Ginann Franklin

We think our Common Sense Ambassadors are worth knowing. Here's the latest in a series of spotlights.
The Common Sense Ambassadors are an exceptional group of Common Sense Certified education leaders who share their passion and inspiration about our mission with others.  Today we're ... Read more
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5 Tech Tools to Integrate Today

Encourage teachers to build tech skills with kid-tested and technology coach-approved apps.
There is an old saying that begins, "If I had a nickel..." If I applied that saying to how often a teacher approached me for help but began with, "I have a stupid question,” I'd ... Read more
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