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Student-centered learning meets sound privacy practice.
Since 2013, Common Sense Education has rated over 2,000 edtech products for learning potential. These learning ratings, however, have been telling only half the story. Edtech has been dominated by the collection of data for over a decade: from the clamor to develop a social network for education in the mid-2000s to “free” sites and apps funded by advertising and/or selling user data to accountability measures under No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top to the contemporary pushes ... Read more
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3 Great Free Arts Websites for ELLs

Celebrate diversity and encourage self expression in the classroom.
Arts-based projects are a great option to support and encourage English-language learners (ELLs). Arts tools offer a variety of media for creative expression -- from comic strips to radio production to virtual ... Read more
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Best EdTech of 2016

The 20 best apps, games, and websites for learning from 2016.
In 2016 the Common Sense Education editorial staff evaluated close to 170 apps, games, and websites for learning potential and classroom implementation. This year (as in years past) there are some very ... Read more
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