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Student-centered learning meets sound privacy practice.
Since 2013, Common Sense Education has rated over 2,000 edtech products for learning potential. These learning ratings, however, have been telling only half the story. Edtech has been dominated by the collection of data for over a decade: from the clamor to develop a social network for education in the mid-2000s to “free” sites and apps funded by advertising and/or selling user data to accountability measures under No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top to the contemporary pushes ... Read more
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Our New Research Shows How Kids Consume and Think About the News

In a world where information literacy is critical, Common Sense's research explores kids' relationship to the news -- and how adults can help kids thrive as 21st-century citizens.
The news isn't what it used to be. What was once shared by newspapers, radio, and TV now comes in Snapchat stories, on Facebook Live broadcasts, in Twitter conversations, and through other new ... Read more
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Uncover Hidden Histories with These Four Websites

Bring to light perspectives and experiences that have been ignored or overlooked, and help students make personal, relevant connections to history.
The rise of digital media is significantly changing how we teach and learn about history. Take a look at Twitter during an international crisis, and you'll see we now have instant access to a diversity ... Read more
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