4 Common Myths About Early STEM Learning

Find out how you can support young learners in building STEM skills in and out of the classroom.
Watch a group of preschoolers working in a garden. It's cute, right? But it turns out they're learning more than you'd think! According to our new NSF-funded report, STEM Starts Early, co-published by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop and New America, there's growing evidence that very young children from all backgrounds -- even children from birth to age 8 -- learn important science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills and habits of mind from everyday play ... Read more
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Time to Get Schooled

As kids around the world head back to school, kids’ media professionals are about to get schooled as well.
Kindoma, the company for which I'm a developer, is getting ready to head out to Digital Kids Summit, a conference that brings together the greatest minds in kids' media and technology ... Read more
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5 Ways to Create a Kind Classroom

Go beyond get-to-know-you activities and inspire kindness all year long.
Whether you're a beginning teacher walking into your classroom for the first time or a veteran teacher unpacking years worth of supplies, a new school year offers an untouched realm of excitement and ... Read more
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