How to Spark a Discussion on Digital Life in Your School Community

Get parents and caregivers thinking and talking about digital citizenship.
At Common Sense, we often hear from parents who want to get their school or community involved in a discussion of how media, tech, and the digital world are impacting kids. But many parents don't know where to begin. Well, now you can help parents get started! Connecting Families is a three-part program that offers everything you need to get families in your school or community involved in raising great digital citizens. Today's media and technology present many challenges as well as ... Read more
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3 Great Brainstorming Websites for Group Projects

Support students' teamwork with these visual productivity tools that promote online collaboration.
Group projects can be difficult to coordinate and challenging to complete. But group work is also a great opportunity to practice communication and collaboration skills. Visual ... Read more
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Time to Get Schooled

As kids around the world head back to school, kids’ media professionals are about to get schooled as well.
Kindoma, the company for which I'm a developer, is getting ready to head out to Digital Kids Summit, a conference that brings together the greatest minds in kids' media and technology ... Read more
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5 Ways to Create a Kind Classroom

Go beyond get-to-know-you activities and inspire kindness all year long.
Whether you're a beginning teacher walking into your classroom for the first time or a veteran teacher unpacking years worth of supplies, a new school year offers an untouched realm of excitement and ... Read more
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