Take Inspiration Beyond "Hidden Figures" with These 4 Tools

Explore the themes of this award-winning film and support students' interests and passions.
Hidden Figures has been heralded for addressing gender, race, and the lack of diversity in STEM fields. It is a wonderful, important film about breaking down barriers that every kid should see. Unfortunately, not all are going to get the chance, and that is a shame. As educators, you can fill this gap, but once the credits roll, your job won't be done. A two-hour movie won't actually change someone's life. I loved the movie Contact when I was a kid; it made me want to be ... Read more
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Our New Research Shows How Kids Consume and Think About the News

In a world where information literacy is critical, Common Sense's research explores kids' relationship to the news -- and how adults can help kids thrive as 21st-century citizens.
The news isn't what it used to be. What was once shared by newspapers, radio, and TV now comes in Snapchat stories, on Facebook Live broadcasts, in Twitter conversations, and through other new ... Read more
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