You Asked. We Listened. New Reviews of Biteslide, Crackers and Goo, Native Numbers, Who Wants to Live a Million Years?

July 16, 2014
Erin Wilkey Oh Executive Editor, Education Content and Distribution
Common Sense Education


Every day, a teacher steps into the classroom and tries something new -- a new way to inspire kids, to engage them, to challenge their thinking. We know that Common Sense Education's teacher community is on the cutting edge when it comes to edtech. You're often the first to try out the newest tools, and you're eager to share those experiences with others. That's why we welcome your requests for product reviews. You ask, and we listen.

Today, we're spotlighting a few of the products that you've requested. The list includes a collaborative slideshow creation tool with great teacher features, an engaging pattern game that builds addition and multiplication skills, a collection of interactive math games that teach young learners about number sense, and a focused natural selection game that encourages experimentation. Check out the reviews below -- better yet, add a Field Note to share how you use these resources in your teaching.


Biteslide is an engaging presentation tool that allows teachers, students, and collaborative groups to create effective multimedia presentations. Once teachers create their own accounts, they can add students and assign projects. Students can create digital slideshows using text, photos, and video clips. Finished slideshows can be downloaded or printed. Read full review.

Crackers and Goo
This interactive, visually focused game builds a deeper understanding of math skills than other, more traditional instructional methods. Kids learn addition and multiplication skills by observing and working with patterns. They can choose from 16 different levels, or skill steps, organized by grade-appropriate learning objectives. Specific skills include: counting and skip counting; addition within 10, 20, 100, and 1,000; mental arithmetic strategies; rounding; expanding; and more. Read full review.

Native Numbers
Native Numbers is a collection of interactive math games that teach young learners about number sense. There are five core games: Number Concepts, Number Relations, Number Ordering, Counting, and Demonstrate Mastery. Each game builds on content learned in previous games, and the levels progress seamlessly to help kids develop a strong foundation in early math skills. Read full review.

Who Wants to Live a Million Years?
Who Wants to Live a Million Years? is a hands-on introduction to the concept of natural selection that allows students to make choices that shape the process. Guided by naturalist Charles Darwin, students choose three creatures with which to begin the natural selection process. Environmental and other disasters occur, guiding the evolution -- and decrease in number -- of the population. The game also includes information on Darwin's life, a quiz, and a glossary of useful terms. Read full review.

Is there a product you enjoy using in the classroom but can't find on Common Sense Education? We invite you to add your voice to the conversation and recommend a product for review today! While we can't guarantee we'll review the product you recommend, we consider all the suggestions we receive.