Write Reviews of Apps, Games, and Websites Mapped to Common Core!

March 24, 2014
Ellen Holderman
Common Sense Education

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Note: This article refers to Graphite, the former name of this website.

What technology are you using with students as you make the transition to Common Core State Standards? We want to hear about it. 

This month, we're highlighting apps, games, and websites that are mapped to Common Core. Use our new Common Core Explorer to navigate through the standards and find aligned products.

To celebrate the launch of this new tool for teachers, we are conducting a "Field Note Campaign." Submit a high-quality* review (or "Field Note" as we like to call it) of an app, game, or website that supports Common Core State Standards and we'll send you an Amazon Gift Card ($15 Gift Card for 1 Field Note, $25 Gift Card for 2 Field Notes). The deadline for submission is March 31st!

Here's how to participate in this Field Note Campaign:

  1. Sign in and add a profile picture, your school and a brief bio if you haven't already (if you're new to Graphite, create a free profile here).

  2. Use The Common Core Explorer to find products you already use in the classroom. (Or use the search tool and look for the "See Common Core Standards" button on the review page).

  3. Once you click through to the full review of a product, look for the "Add a Field Note" button.

  4. When writing your review, include lots of detail and examples. Watch the video below for more about writing great Field Notes.

  5. Add your name and link to your Field Note to this online form so we can send you your gift card!

We'll be using your reviews to report on which Common Core-aligned apps, games, and websites teachers are using right now. 

Your Field Note could be featured in our roundup!

For more details on writing great reviews, watch this video and read this blog article.

Please help spread the word on Twitter and Facebook about this opportunity for teachers to share their successful implementations of technology in the classroom!

*Restrictions apply:

  1. Only Field Notes with concrete examples of how you're using the product in the classroom and details about the effect it's having on student outcomes, will be considered for the reward and inclusion in the roundup. 
  2. Deadline for submission is March 31st! 
  3. To be considered for the thank you gift card, you must complete this online form.


Jodi Connelly
Classroom teacher
The Studio School
Northglenn, CO

As an educator I find it extremely important to meet the need of each of my students in the classroom. Differentiation is the name of the game. Due to district restrictions and practices, I have found it necessary to come up with creative ways for students on IEPs and 504s to make strategic gains while not violating their IEPS or allowing them to become sedentary in the classroom. As a result, many math games have found their way onto my iPad to address the needs of my students. One app I have found to be truly valuable is BrainPop. BrainPop adjusts for student need, explains for students when it introduces a concept and gives kids an engaging way to build skills. The app is well designed and reasonable for purchase.

Amy Wilson
Common Sense Media
San Francisco, CA

Thanks for your comments about BrainPop! We think it's great too. If you're interested in submitting a Field Note about BrainPop, I encourage you to go to the BrainPop review and click on "Add a Field Note." Then come back to this page to submit your review for consideration for the gift card reward. Thanks!

Media specialist/librarian

Hi Commonsense Media!

I created two field notes about Voicethread and Storyjumper. I tried to click on the link and it won't open. Can you help me? I am out of the country right now and only have my iPad but that shouldn't matter. I'm not sure why it won't open.

Thanks for your help,

Amy Wilson
Common Sense Media
San Francisco, CA

Hi Laura! We love TwoGeekyTeachers.
I'm not sure why the link isn't working for you, but we will include your submissions in our approval queue, so no worries. Maybe try again when you're not on an iPad, if you have a chance. The link goes to a Google form. Thanks for participating!