Weekly News Round-up (6/20/11-6/24/11)

June 27, 2011
Audrey Stokes Product Manager, Education
Common Sense Media
San Francisco, United States
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Common Sense Media searches the World Wide Web daily for news addressing topics like online privacy, cyberbullying, digital ethics, social networking and more! At the beginning of each week, Common Classroom highlights some of the top news in this Weekly News Round-Up Post.

With the ISTE 2011 in full swing, we thought it would be appropriate to highlight the latest news regarding education and technology in this week’s news round- up!

How Californians Might be Closing the Digital Divide

For those who can’t afford or don’t have access to computers, can smart phones serve as substitutes? The question of whether mobile devices can close the digital divide between the haves and have-nots came up again yesterday with the release of a report by the Public Policy Institute of California. (Mindshift)

Why Core Standards Must Embrace Media Literacy

Today’s young people are growing up in a world full of smartphones, texting, YouTube, Internet access, and instant entertainment and information. But while they may be media-savvy, we maintain that they are not necessarily media- or digital-literate. (Edweek)

At a Private School, Virtual Learning and the Rock

At 8 p.m. on a Wednesday, students were trickling into Basil Kolani’s 10th grade social media class at the Dwight School on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. (NY Times Blog)

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