Weekly News Round-Up (5/23/11-5/27/11)

June 01, 2011
Audrey Stokes Product Manager, Education
Common Sense Media
San Francisco, United States
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Common Sense Media searches the World Wide Web daily for news addressing topics like online privacy, cyberbullying, digital ethics, social networking and more! At the end of each week, Common Classroom highlights some of the top news in this Weekly News Round-Up Post.

This week, social networking discussions dominated news conversations on the web.  Since social networking is becoming more prevalent within education, we thought this would be an appropriate topic to discuss in this week’s news round up.

YouTube users upload two days of video per minute

YouTube is celebrating its sixth birthday this month and has released some statistics in honor of the event that cement what we already know — people are really into online video. According to spokesman Jacques Hebert, users are now uploading about 48 hours — yep, two days — of video to the site every minute. (Washington Post)

Facebook is coming for your children

Wearing the mantle of education reform, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg told attendees at a recent summit on innovation in education that, “My philosophy is that for education you need to start at a really, really young age.” (Today)

10 fascinating Facebook facts — and what they say about us

A study released this week revealed that 47% of Facebook users have swear words on their pages. A survey last week, meanwhile, showed that undergraduate men who talk about alcohol on Facebook tend to have more friends — the study hypothesized that references to booze may lead to more social acceptance by peers. (CNN)

Zuckerberg says not opening Facebook to under-13s

Facebook is not working on opening up the world’s biggest social network to children under the age of 13 in the short term, founder and Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said Wednesday, contradicting some media reports. (Reuters)

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