Weekly News Round-Up (4/11/11-4/15/11)

April 16, 2011
Audrey Stokes Product Manager, Education
Common Sense Media
San Francisco, United States
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Common Sense Media searches the World Wide Web daily for news addressing topics like online privacy, cyberbullying, digital ethics, social networking and more! At the end of each week, Common Classroom highlights some of the top news in this Weekly News Round-Up Post.

Here’s what happened this week!


  • “When Gadgets Betray Us”: The danger in that iPad – The gizmos we so love can unwittingly leak important security info. An expert explains what you should know. (Salon)
  • This Is How You Teach Kids About Privacy – Showing is better than just telling. Kudos to the Connecticut high school employee who came up with this dramatic lesson on Internet safety. (Forbes)


  • YouTube Sentences Copyright Offenders to School – n many countries around the world, if you break the law by stealing copyrighted content you can be sentenced to prison and heavily fined. But if Google catches you breaking copyright laws, the punishment is more akin to being caught smoking in the boys room in high school: You’re forced to take an online class at YouTube’s Copyright School. (New York Times)


  • Can Tech Help Preschoolers Catch Up to Their Peers? We have some children who can operate a computer, enjoy reading books and have an extensive vocabulary,” said Rosalie Moran, curriculum director for two Head Start centers based in Harlem and the Bronx. “And we have others who have never been around other children before and need a lot of help with the social emotional skills.” (Mind Shift)
  • Schools expand home Internet access for students; FCC grant, laptops at home aimed at closing digital divide An eighth-grader at Innovations Middle School, Christina Nguyen can’t remember the last time she cracked a textbook. She totes around a near empty backpack. In fact, it’s rare that she breaks out a pen or pencil. (Sign On)


  • Will teen multitasking give rise to ADD? Study may offer answer – Whether they’re texting while talking to friends or plugging in to an iPod while studying, today’s teenagers seem to be constantly multitasking. (MSNBC)


  • How Young Is Too Young For An iPad? The iPad is a little more than a year old, and somewhere out there is a child who, at that same age, is already learning how to use it. Little ones being enticed by gadgets is nothing new, but there’s something about the ease of use of Apple’s tablet that really gets kids excited. (Laptop Magazine)


Are there any important news stories that we failed to mention?  Please chime in; we’d love to add them to our Weekly News Round-Up List!

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