Webinar Spotlight: What's in Your Digital Citizenship Survival Kit?

Learn how one teacher uses household items as metaphors to illustrate key digital citizenship skills.

June 17, 2015
Julian Morris-Walker
Common Sense Media
San Francisco, United States
CATEGORIES Digital Citizenship, Professional Development, Technology Integration

Looking for a new hook to start conversations about digital citizenship with your students? In this month's Digital Citizenship community webinar on edWeb, "What's in Your Digital Citizenship Survival Kit?," we welcomed presenter Craig Badura, K-12 integration specialist for Aurora Public Schools in Nebraska. Craig shared a "survival kit" he uses with students to kick off important conversations about safe and appropriate behavior online.

Craig's digital citizenship survival kit is filled with inexpensive household items that can serve as metaphors for key aspects of digital citizenship. For example, a padlock represents password strength and online security, and a permanent marker reminds students that what they say online is permanent. Craig shared creative ways to illustrate the crucial concepts students need to know in order to be productive digital citizens and leaders. He also gave examples of how the kit is used in different classrooms across grade levels. He encouraged educators and parents to add to his or create their own digital citizenship survival kits to meet the needs of their students.

Webinar Highlights

16:20 -- “We need to have more conversations with our kids because they don’t know what they don’t know. I truly think we need to be good role models and include them in our conversations. Because too often we are the 'sage on the stage,' talking at kids when we should be talking with kids" ... "they have some awesome ideas.”

26:44 -- “Remember when handshakes were the first impression? And now it starts with a Google search” … “I saw a really powerful tweet that said ‘Don’t let 140 characters cost you a $140,000 scholarship’ which is so true. And I don’t think the kids really see the power in [social media] because it’s more of a communication tool.”

38:10 -- How valuable is your presence or digital tattoo? Your brand is priceless. You could put a price on it, but when it’s gone and it’s bad, you would pay anything to get it back.”

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