Webinar Spotlight: Tools for Kids with Developmental and Learning Differences

March 04, 2015
Kelly Mendoza Director of Learning and Engagement
Common Sense Education

CATEGORIES Parents and Families, Professional Development, Students, Tools

How can you use technology with kids who have developmental and learning differences? In January, we welcomed Tamara Kaldor, M.S., founder of Chicago PLAY Pro and Chicago program manager for Common Sense Education, to present the webinar "Tools to Help Kids with Developmental and Learning Differences." The webinar had a record 404 attendees and won "top webinar of the week" at edWeb.

Tamara shared strategies for using technology to support kids affected by autism spectrum disorders (ASD), sensory processing disorders (SPD), communication disorders, learning disabilities, and other developmental differences. She explained how technology can be used as a successful intervention strategy to improve development in the areas of communication and learning, expressive language, language comprehension, following routines, making transitions, and processing/expressing emotions.

Webinar Highlights:

10:12 -- "Tech, to me, is not a reward. I see this [use of tech] so often in the special needs community and in regular integrated classrooms as well." ... "Tech integration is especially important for children with special needs and learning disabilities."

28:52 -- "Dictating type in the app Book Creator I love so much, because you can voice record, and kids can say their ideas. And they love hearing their voices over and over again, especially for my kids that are language-delayed and want to practice working on a sound. 

35:53 -- "I love to have my kids make stuff! They're getting lots of visual skills and figuring out how things relate to each other. And [with] photography, ideation, sequencing, creativity, storytelling, [and] movie making, they're getting to show their peers how they see the world. They're getting to show their teachers. They get to follow their interests. I love using Book CreatorKeynote, PowerPoint and another app called ThingLink to do this."  

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