Webinar Spotlight: LAUSD’s 1-to-1 iPad Rollout

Rasheed Khan and Rick Hassler discuss the goals, challenges, and lessons learned from the country's largest-ever 1-to-1 rollout.

November 03, 2014
Kelly Mendoza Director of Learning and Engagement
Common Sense Education

CATEGORIES Digital Citizenship, Professional Development

In this month’s webinar, hosted by edWeb's Digital Citizenship community, 230 educators learned about the “Biggest 1-to-1 iPad Rollout Ever: Challenges and Opportunities.” Presenters Rasheed Khan, Learning Management System Coordinator for Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), and Rick Hassler, LAUSD Coordinator for Implementation and Deployment, covered

  • LAUSD’s 1-to-1 initiative, including the goals, challenges, lessons learned, and opportunities moving forward
  • Information on the devices, how they're managed, student onboarding, and infrastructure
  • How LAUSD provides support and professional development for their 1-to-1 initiative
  • How digital citizenship and parent education is an essential component of their 1-to-1 program

Webinar Highlights 

3:50: “So in this project, unlike any other instructional project, you have instruction really interacting in terms of how we work together with the IT division, which has never really happened in our district.” -- Rick Hassler

25:13: “One of the biggest hurdles we faced in terms of challenges was our own internal politics and culture within the school district. So, as you can imagine, being a school district of over 90,000 employees, everyone has a certain spin on what is right for the district and what is wrong for the district…” -- Rasheed Khan

35:30: “We all like to call ourselves digital natives, but the rest of us are not digital natives. So, digital citizenship isn’t just about keeping kids safe, but it’s also about educating the adults that interact with the students to have a better awareness of what it is the students may be facing when they go online, and what are the steps they should take to keep themselves safe when they do go online and interact with other people.” -- Rasheed Khan

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