Webinar Spotlight: From Policy to Practice

Is your leadership moving your school forward or backward?

June 10, 2015
Steve Garton Senior Manager, Learning Solutions Program
Common Sense Education

CATEGORIES Professional Development, Technology Integration

What can apps teach you about leadership? It may not be what you expect! In our recent Essential Elements for Digital Learning community webinar, "From Policy to Practice: Is Your Leadership Moving Your School Forward or Backward," Senior Director of Learning Solutions Jeff Mao explored leadership at multiple levels and from multiple perspectives. How does technology create new leadership challenges for administrators? Can you use technology to help you solve previously difficult issues? Additionally, he examined policies (AUP, take-home, insurance/fees, filtering, and more) in a 1-to-1 environment. Does a ubiquitous computing environment require you to change how you create and implement your policies? When school-owned devices are going home, how does this affect what you need to do?

Webinar Highlights:

7:42 -- "This notion of 'frames of reference' [is] that as we build policies and look at the leadership, we have thought about these things from a multitude of directions and from different perspectives. I think that we are pretty good at looking at things from an administrative position … and as a teacher. IT directors think about things from a technical perspective. We say that we talk about kids … but we don’t always necessarily think about our policies from the student perspective."

19:44 -- "This is a model called Knoster’s Model for Complex Change." ... "You can see five columns of different pieces that you typically need to promote change, particularly in large organizations, like schools."

40:52 -- "What the data told us at the time was that most of the damage that we were seeing among the laptop program was occurring at school, not at home." ... "Most damage was occurring in schools that did not allow students to take the device home at night."

52:21 -- "Is the technology solution that I’ve got, is it a solution to my challenges? Did I determine my problem, find a solution, and then find the technology that manifests that solution for me or did I start with the technology and try and apply it to the problem?"

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