Webinar Spotlight: App Smashing

Combining Apps for Innovative Student Projects

December 12, 2014
Kelly Mendoza Director of Learning and Engagement
Common Sense Education

CATEGORIES In the Classroom, Professional Development, Technology Integration

Our most recent webinar hosted by the Digital Classroom: Teaching with Tech community on edWeb had a lively group of 316 attendees from around the globe. Our host was Jon Corippo, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction for Mariposa County Schools and director of IT in the Mariposa County Office of Education in California. Jon, who I like to think of as an “edtech guru,” covered:

  • What app smashing is
  • Great apps you can use for smashing
  • How teachers use app smashing for projects like research, note-taking, synthesizing, and media creation
  • Sample app smashing student projects

Webinar Highlights

14:05 -- "This is the definition of app smashing: You create content with one app. That created content gets merged with another app or apps. You put the content together -- that's the ‘smashing’ part. And then you publish that content to the Web."

22:30 -- "Doceri is a free app I really like. It allows you to do whitebaording activities, and this is the key –- it will save those [activities] as a video. You can literally have kids draw on a screen and talk about what they’re doing, save that to the camera roll [on iPad], and use in their final project."

54:02 –- "Even in a one-iPad classroom, you can do things like this" (he goes on to explain).

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