Twelve Years On, It's Just Common Sense!

With a shorter name and a fresh new logo, Common Sense continues to be the trusted resource for kids and families seeking the best of media, technology, and so much more!

August 20, 2014
CATEGORIES Parents and Families

When we started Common Sense 12 years ago, our goal was simple: Give kids and parents a voice and a choice in the media they consume. With a front-page story in the New York Times and a library of only 1,500 reviews of popular entertainment media, we launched in May 2002 as an independent and nonpartisan resource to help families navigate the ever-evolving world of media and technology.

Since then, both the world and Common Sense have changed. The prevalence of technology in our lives has given us unprecedented opportunities to connect, communicate, create, and learn -- wherever and whenever! That's why our unique ratings system has evolved to consider learning potential in addition to quality and age-appropriateness. So far, we've reviewed more than 22,000 titles across movies, television, video games, books, apps, websites, and music, and we've built a revolutionary online resource just for teachers so they can find, share, and use the best educational apps, games, websites, and courseware for the K–12 classroom.

But success in this digital world is about more than knowing how to find and use quality content; it's about having the skills to navigate it safely, smartly, ethically, and responsibly. That's why we're proud that more than two-thirds of all the schools in this country use our free digital literacy and citizenship curriculum to harness the power of the digital world for all its infinite possibilities. (Is your school on that list?)

As technology is changing childhood, our research and guidance help parents, educators, and policymakers understand and manage media and technology's day-to-day effects on our kids. Working at the state and federal level, we advocate for policies that maximize the potential of technology to close the opportunity gap and transform America's classrooms while protecting the privacy of our children's sensitive and personal information.

Considering how we've grown, we think it's time for our brand to reflect the depth and breadth of all we do. It's Common Sense! And so are we, rather than "Common Sense Media." It may be a subtle change, but it acknowledges that we're a multi-faceted, mission-driven organization working to be a champion for kids and families using media and technology at home and at school. Common Sense Media will continue to be our platform to empower families, and Common Sense Education will be our platform for educators.

Our updated logo reflects this important evolution. The "check with a smile" is a nod to our role as an independent source for finding the best, and it reminds us we're here to serve. 

We're extremely proud of all we've achieved these last 12 years, and we're humbled by the community of stakeholders -- kids, parents, teachers, policy makers, and industry leaders -- with whom we work to educate, empower, and protect our children in this dynamic digital landscape. Here's to another decade of amazing collaborations and making the world a better place for all kids, wherever they may be.