Top 12 Tools for Teaching Elementary Kids How to Code

May 12, 2015
Kira DeVaul Education Content Assistant


Coding teaches kids to be problem-solvers and critical thinkers. It's an invaluable 21st-century skill. This week, we're highlighting tools that help kids learn to code -- tools that encourage them to become creators, not just consumers, of the technology they use. 

The youngest budding programmers will benefit most from iPad apps like ScratchJr, Kodable Class, and My Robot Friend. These apps take advantage of the iPad's tactile qualities by using drag-and-drop mechanisms to teach sequencing as well as simple loops and functions. Older kids can dig deeper with websites like and CodeMonkey. Both blend puzzles and gameplay into the learning process, keeping the mood light while ensuring each new level is challenging. With all of these tools, kids practice tackling big problems by breaking them down into smaller problems to solve -- a skill fundamental not only to writing good code but in all areas of life!

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